Our story

We are media and communications experts who have lived in the north and the southern hemisphere. For over two decades we’ ve worked extensively in the European and Australian broadcast media, government and business, planning, managing, creating content, producing, presenting.

We are storytellers.

We 've seen much of the world. Enough to look beyond big words and conventional structures. In every system, we seek for the opportunity waiting to be activated. We know there is gold hidden everywhere. We are in the business of making your business, thrive. We provide strategies, ideas and sophisticated plans through an integrated communications network. 

We are game-changers.

We give life to ideas, projects and existing brands. Our digital agency with presence in Australia, Greece and Cyprus has an extensive network of professionals who can deliver face to face or online consultations.

We are strategists.

We focus on inclusiveness and equal opportunities; multicultural international projects are our natural environment. We develop marketing strategies for businesses, government, social enterprises and not for profits organizations. We use our experience in marketing to amplify the social impact of projects.

We are visionaries.

We bring our projects to life through partnerships with some of the most exciting minds around the world. We believe in strong multi layered collaborations, creating shared value, and share a common moral compass with our stakeholders. We are passionate and creative. 

We are Just Gold

Team Gold

We are:

Strategic consultants


Culturally aware



Digital first

Part of the change

We are #teamgold #wearejustgold

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There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

We use it to communicate your message.

brands + strategy

+ social impact

digital media + campaigns

streaming music services

events, virtual events + hybrid events

we go #digitalfirst