Doing business in Cyprus & Greece

The momentum is here.

There are many reasons why investing and being based in Cyprus makes good business sense. 

  • Strategic position between the mature Western economies and the emerging Far East markets.
  • Secure European governed business environment, regulation and legislative and favourable to corporations tax frameworks.
  • A fantastic quality of life. 

Greece, an interrelated market, has come out of the financial crisis as a mature European market with strong global links and innovative drive.

Athens holds the title of the European Capital of Innovation for 2018, in recognition of the city’s use of innovation to overcome the recent economic and social crisis. The prize, awarded by the European Capital of Innovation, is accompanied by  €1 million to scale up local innovation activities, collaboration with other cities and enhance the creation of open and dynamic innovation ecosystems.  

The G factor

Throughout its history, the Greek diaspora has always had strong  links with the Metropolitan Centre (Greece as Cyprus Greeks are considered diaspora Greeks); but it has also exhibited its own socio-cultural history. 

Since 2010, when the Greek Generation  G (the ‘Young, Gifted and Greek’ as named by “The Guardian”) started fleeing the country due to the financial crisis, the total number of Greeks living outside Greece and Cyprus has been in dispute, with estimations varying from 5 to 7 million worldwide. 

Right now, millions of Greeks are living in different parts of the world and the way they think and live is linked both with the motherland and the country of reception providing a diverse culturally aware talent pool for innovative consultancy work and at the same time a niche market that we can cater for.

This is where we come in.

We have a People First Culture when we design a strategy for a Greek audience.

First we find the people. Then we help you build the bridge.

This is where we come in

Are  you looking for Greek audiences? 

A doorway to Europe?

Are your operational plans evolved around countries or around people? 

When you are reaching out for a Greek audience in Greece, Cyprus or around the world, are you sure your team “speaks” Greek? 

We put together bespoke teams with culturally aware consultants based in different parts of the world, relevant with your project. 

We combine our profound knowledge of Greek communities around the world with insights of the current status in Greece and/or Cyprus.

We  provide the right tools to connect with the desired Greek online audience and connect you with people and services relevant to your project, with proven, effective outcomes.

Find out more about our Greek specialist consultants based in Cyprus, Greece and the world.


Communications & Media


Tailor made communications strategies and media plans.



Film in Greece. Connect with Greek/Cyprian film producers & companies, Film Festivals in Greece, Greek Film Festivals around the world. 



Music streaming services, podcasts.



Digital transformation for local companies, connecting Cyprus and Greece to the diaspora and the world.



Destination events.

Bespoke travel


Live your own myth, breathe the true culture and the authentic Mediterranean. 

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