We do business in a new way

We live in an era of great social challenges  and we have decided to be part of the change. 

We work on three  levels: 

  • As a platform that balances business and purpose and creates inclusive, sustainable environments.
  • As a platform that initiates projects that add value to the social capital. We are committed to deliver services, programs, grants and campaigns on an annual basis to social enterprises and not-for-profits across Australia that are aligned with our priorities.
  • As a certified social enterprise providing services for social enterprises. We provide bespoke services (strategy, evaluation, consulting, digital campaigns) for people and organisations in the third sector. 

Impact evaluation

We know that impact evaluation is all about creating the proper metric system; we make sure we connect  you with those who will come back with an ongoing credible evaluation system, not just a “snapshot” of your organisation with random numbers. 

A credible evaluation system is important  for your strategic planning and your grantmaking overall.

This is our comfort zone. We understand the difference between a digital campaign and a digital social campaign; we  know the difference between digital commercial marketing and what it takes to shift behaviours & perceptions using digital tools.

So, how do you share your impact online? 

How do you communicate your work to your internal and external stakeholders? 

Is your community aware of your work? 

Are your beneficiaries heard?  

Do your funders get the message? 

Are you reaching out to your potential audiences? 

The Just Gold #changemakers program

Everyone should have access to opportunity to fully participate in our society and our economy regardless of age, gender, ability, neurodivergence, background, sexuality, or location. 

In a world full of wicked problems, however, we often come across people and teams working so hard to solve complex social issues that they absorbed in their day-to-day activities.

Most of the times they face challenges in communicating their needs; they also lack resources to access effectively programs, funds and other opportunities. 

In some instances, they end up trying to ‘fit’ into a program or give up.

That is the foundation of our #changemakers program. 

We communicate social impact

There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

It's us. All of us. 

Every person, every colour, every idea, every action to create positive impact.

Be part of the chain, be part of the change. 

We communicate Social Impact. 

We are Just Gold.

Our projects & collaborations

We create, we connect, we partner & deliver change.