We are just gold. 

We are Australia's first full service consulting & creative agency that is a certified social enterprise.

We work with a social purpose offering impact consulting, advertising, marketing, public relations, strategy, general communications, events services & innovative workshops to social enterprises, organisations, government and businesses with a social purpose.

We are an innovative flexible online platform that uses digital tools and diverse talent from around the globe working with a common moral compass. We enable highly skilled consultants to use an open working ecosystem that creates shared value.

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Why #SocEnt

We are impact first. 

We designed a disruptive social enterprise model creating jobs to impact our own lives first and then deliver employment opportunities for other highly skilled professionals from disadvantaged groups.

We use business tools combined with lived experience, to solve complex social issues and to connect commercial projects with social purpose. 

We create clusters and shared value ecosystems around the world to deliver projects and positive systemic social change.

Why #TeamGold

We believe that everyone should have access to opportunity to fully participate in society. 

Our people come from all walks of life. 

They are highly skilled professionals that have faced employment barriers (parenthood, gender, sexuality, special needs, life).

They re-enter the workforce with enthusiasm, empowered to use their lived experience as a tool for social change. 

Why #BuySocial

When you choose to work with us, you extend your social impact and CSR programs to our ecosystem. 

-  You enable more jobs to highly skilled professionals facing employment barriers

-  You enable accessible services and/or grants to other social enterprises, non for profits and individuals working with a social purpose via our #changemakers program.

About Us


We are very excited to be the Ambassador of Shared Studios (otherwise known as Portals) in Australia. 

Talk to us today about how to connect your Australian project or local community to the world.

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Just Gold is the first digital agency of its kind certified by Social Traders.  We are a for profit full service, advertising, production & impact consultancy with a social purpose embedded in our constitution; it guides our annual strategy, everyday activities and the way we conduct business, we were incorporated in Australia in December 

Social Traders is a growing movement in Australia that facilitates the development of sustainable social and economic inclusion in the business sector. Social Trader exists to create jobs for disadvantaged Australians through social procurement, linking business and government to social enterprises.  Social Traders certify social enterprises, acknowledging they are working for a social purpose, environmental or other public benefit, assuring buyers of their social enterprise credentials.



Our projects & collaborations

We create, we connect, we partner & deliver change.